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How calculate social security wages?

Newark, NJ |

I m trying to figure it out how to calculate my job income wages contribution to social security wages. My wages on 2002 was 3084 and my social security declaration letter indicates that contributed based on my earning 2002 was 1245. i calculated the earning by 10.4 % as it says on the letter but I apply the percetage it doesnt match with The amount as it shows on my ss declaration letter.please advice what im doing wrong?

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Not really sure what you're asking. You could go to the SSA.GOV website, they have various calculators and charts available, but it would be a lot easier to just check your W2.

Also - very helpful tip - the SSA.GOV website now has a feature where you can get your earnings statement online in a matter of minutes (this is the form that they used to mail out every year at a cost of $4 billion to the taxpayers, who usually just read then and said "oh" and threw them away). You get it immediately via PDF.

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This is not really a legal issue For a question like this, you may be best served by visiting your local Social Security office. You may need to wait in line, but your chances of getting an accurate answer are better there than here.

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This is not a question really capable being answered here. SSA uses a computer to calculate the very complex formulas they use to figure out retirement amounts, etc, and those are not readily available here or on the SSA website. Go to your local office and see if they can help answer your question.

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