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How bad does it look that the defendant pays a lawyer to represent him but not child support?

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My ex has fled to Panama over 2 years ago. He is in arrears with DCSE over 13,000. They have restricted his passport till he pays the amount owed. He is taking me to court next month. For violating phone visitation. However I have phone records for 3 years with only 8 calls, and he has not exercised his visitation since summer of 2010. He states he will not pay the amount as he says it is ransom and his child is kidnapped, instead he will pay a lawyer to represent him. In my eyes I think this would look very bad to the court to pay a lawyer but not child support. Is this correct?

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This is a very common problem and I fully understand your frustration. However, failure to comply with the terms of a court order is a serious matter. If he is found in contempt of court, he faces incarceration. Given the seriousness of the issue, he is totally justitifed in seeking legal counsel to avoid possible jail time. Frankly, it would be foolish for him to forego legal representation in this matter. I recommend that you speak with an attorney, in order to gain a better understanding of the legal process. Call around in your area to see if you can obtain a free consultation. Best of luck~

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Deborah Ann Johnson Wilson

Deborah Ann Johnson Wilson


typo correction: "justified" :-(


No, not at all. He is entitled to have legal representation, just as you are. The court is permitted to take no inference whatsoever from the fact that he is or is not represented by an attorney. The court will make any rulings based on the law and nothing else; to do otherwise would be improper and unethical.

Good luck.

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Ask him how much he is living on, how big his house is, does he have a car? Why he can support himself, but not send a penny in child support? Let him explain that to a judge. Bet he can't

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