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How are child support payments calculated in Delaware Ohio for 1 child?

Delaware, OH |

I am currently receiving (most of the time) $40. a week for my daughter. I'm not sure what her father's salary is, but I think he should be paying more. I just started a new job paying me $14. an hour. I no longer qualify for government help with food, medical or child care. Child care alone is $500. a month. Please advise......Thank you!

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Child support is reviewed every three years or when there have been certain changes in circumstances. Call your caseworker and see if you can file for a review. You might also consider getting a lawyer and filing through the court.

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If your child support order is being enforced by the Child Support Enforcement Agency, contact your case worker to discuss the possibility of conducting a child support review. Some Ohio Counties are much more aggressive in pursuing parents that attempt to skip or minimize their support obligations. Alternatively, speak with a family law lawyer in your area about filing a motion to modify the support order. If you are unable to afford a lawyer, the Clerk of Courts should have template forms you can use to file a motion to modify the support order. Please note, however, this is a complicated process, and it is in your best interest to at least consult with an attorney.

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Could his current payment of $40. a week get lowered because I make more money now?

William Anthony Vasiliou II

William Anthony Vasiliou II


Generally, there is a minimum amount that a parent must pay in child support, which should be around the $40/week amount. As such, it is probably unlikely that the support obligation will decrease. However, there are several instances where an individual may be excused from paying child support (i.e. only receives governmental income, provides proof of physical inability to work, etc.). Also, the court may deny your request for modification, because the paying parent does not have a high enough income to warrant a higher child support obligation . Contact your CSEA case manager for more specific answers.


The way child support is calculated is pursuant to a "guideline worksheet". It is based upon a number of factors - the income of the parties is one of the factors, and child care is another significant factor. I cannot tell you what the support should be without knowing his income. However, I can tell you that it would be considerably higher than $40 per week with a child care expense of $500 per month. Most family law attorneys will be able to run the calculations on a computer program which will give an answer very quickly. Also, the Court may award attorney fees to assist with the expense of filing to change child support. If the Support Agency will not immediatly re-determine the support obligation, please contact a family law attorney and file to have it re-calculated.

Please note that the court can only award new support from the date the request for change was filed - therefore, the sooner you file, the better.

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