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How are child care costs calcutated if the custodial parent has a license for in-home day care?

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Added cost to father's child support of $850/month but children were not enrolled in formal daycare for past 5 years. Mother had "in home daycare" and watched 2-3 other children. How would court calcutate if father is seeking reimburments on paid child care cost not actually incurred.

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Typically the cost would be calculated at the same rate she charges for the other children because she is using one of those slots for your child. You may have problems if you haven't complained about this to her previously and/or due to the fact you've waited a long time to take this to court.

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I have spoken to her about re-evaluating child support many times over the past 5 years and she always blows it off. She ended her in-home daycare in December 2010. Would you suggest going after reimbursment from 12/10 until now?

Douglas Paul Becker

Douglas Paul Becker


That's certainly a much better request for the court to work with. You should consider sitting down with an attorney for an hour or so to put your game plan together. I wouldn't suggest investing a lot of money in this project, but getting some tips could help a lot.

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