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How and when will I know if the police took any evidence from the scene of my DUI? Forensics, DNA, blood, pictures, etc..

Marcus Hook, PA |

The affidavit written by the officer states that there was only blood found on the drivers side steering wheel, and on a sandal found in the car. My friend was driving, flipped my car, and ran before I even came to. I crawled out through the drivers side, and was outside my car when the officers came on the scene, they believe I was driving, and arrested me for DUI, I was on parole for a simple asslt charge that happened last year, I was released that night, then booked the next day by my PO for picking up the charge, giving my friend enough time to heal and deny even being at the scene. I can't afford an attorney and have to go with a PD. Going to try and cross examine the cop on minutiae on how he handled the scene and "searched" for the driver and assumed it was me

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  1. This is certainly a case you will want to sit down and go over with whatever attorney you chose to represent you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a public defender. Some are very good attorneys. Sit down with them prior to any hearing you have and go over any defenses that you may have. I hope this helps!!!

  2. You should stop posting information on public sites. Additionally, you need to sit down with your lawyer and be prepared right from the beginning. Good luck.

  3. First, no more posts. Go out and get an experienced attorney and Mr. Cooper is correct, using the public defender is fine, if you qualify. Contrary to some opinion on the street, Public Defenders are real lawyers and criminal defense is what they do all day, every day. Just like private attorneys, some are better than others. Good luck.

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