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How accurate are S.C.A.M.P. records and is there any independent verification of them?

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In the discovery for my case, I came across a series of S.C.A.M.P. records and have been having a terrible time reconciling them with the records my attorney subpoenaed from AT&T. Is it possible to refute their validity? Why isn't there more information on-line? Why can't my attorney access these records? How is it fair that the government has access to different records than I do or my attorney does? The SCAMP records are not for a continuous time period and they skip a couple of important months, conveniently for the prosecution. How can I get those records and how is this legal at all? Why doesn't the general public know about SCAMP? I can't seem to find any verifiable info online.

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SCAMP is a relatively new thing, generally unknown outside of law enforcement / criminal defense circles.

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According to an article on AT&T's website, the SCAMP Database, as of Sept 14, 2005, is comprised of multiple tables, the largest of which holds 743 billion records. Uncompressed, the amount of data stored is 312 terabytes. Today, SCAMP is one of the largest databases on the planet and it operates at near real time (no delay--when you press "send" a record of your phone activity is made that second in the database). I would just like to point out that if they had compiled 312 terabytes of data by 2005, it's hard to justify the term "relatively new thing". Though I appreciate your reply, it doesn't really answer any of my questions and just makes me feel more concerned about my (lack of ?) personal liberty.

John Arnold Steakley

John Arnold Steakley


yes, your cell phone provider knows where your cell phone is located anytime it is powered and connecting to a tower. That should come as no surprise. Your telephone records that you get will not be nearly as complete as the SCAMP data.

John Arnold Steakley

John Arnold Steakley


Talk to your attorney. it sounds like discovery is ongoing, so perhaps he can compel the other side to produce more data

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