How accurate are S.C.A.M.P. records and is there any independent verification of them?

In the discovery for my case, I came across a series of S.C.A.M.P. records and have been having a terrible time reconciling them with the records my attorney subpoenaed from AT&T. Is it possible to refute their validity? Why isn't there more information on-line? Why can't my attorney access these records? How is it fair that the government has access to different records than I do or my attorney does? The SCAMP records are not for a continuous time period and they skip a couple of important months, conveniently for the prosecution. How can I get those records and how is this legal at all? Why doesn't the general public know about SCAMP? I can't seem to find any verifiable info online.

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John Arnold Steakley

John Arnold Steakley

Appeals Lawyer - Marietta, GA

SCAMP is a relatively new thing, generally unknown outside of law enforcement / criminal defense circles.

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