How can i file a restraining order ?can i modify custody again because i have concerns about my ex s son molesting our kid

My ex filed \got divorce full custody without letting me know ,when iwas going to leave him with our kid then he handed me the divorce paper saying i cant leave with our kid,i have a protective order against him when he was viloent with me and our child,he wanted me to drop that so he will gave me 50\50,i didnt drop the protective order ,after few session ofDV classes he goes to it seems he s back to sense and agreed to file a stipulation and we both have 50\50 custody,we r still in the same house with his son also as we said we will work things i m suspecting our daughter s half brother is molesting her can i file to change custody?at this point i dont think it will work to stay together especially he didnt want to listen to me about my concerns regarding his 15 years old son.

Redondo Beach, CA -

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Bettina Yanez

Bettina Yanez

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Orange, CA

If you have serious concerns about molestation you should file a police report. If they feel there is merit to your concern a cast interview will take place. Sounds like you need legal advise and fast. You may need to file an Ex-Parte emergency hearing for change of custody in the meantime to protect your child

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Daniel Seth Williams

Daniel Seth Williams

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Pacific Grove, CA

If you have those concerns and they are absolutely legitimate you need to call Child Protective Services and the police without delay. All else is so legalistic that I can only tell you to seek legal counsel.

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