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HOW , if i can, drop domestic battery charges against my husband?

Schaumburg, IL |

About a year ago my husband was charges with domestic battery.I was the victim in the case. I know i have done things to him in the past and i shouldn't have called 911. How and if i can drop the charges against my husband even though he had his court date and he was sentenced to counseling The counseling seems to work 1/2 the time and the other half it brings ups bad memories that I just want to lock away and throw away the key.

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    Unfortunately this cannot be undone if he was already sentenced. Arguably he could file a motion to withdraw his plea, but only if it is withing 30 days of the date of the plea.

    John Yetter

  2. Sounds like he's already been convicted. Meaning game over, you can't undo it. It stays on his record for life.

  3. Once the conviction for domestic violence is on a person's record, it remains there forever. No expungement, no "dropped" charges, nothing.

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