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Hospice killed my mother slowly with drugs ,she had nemonia and they dehydrated her, hsutting down her kidneys. lots more.

Jefferson City, TN |

Hospice killed my mother slowly , mom was put on hospice by the choices program and dr Whorley because they said mom was in the hospital to many times with asperating nemonia,after 3 days of no eating or drinking I rushed mom back to the hospital because Amedsis Hospice was not helping her.
mom developed another nemonia the worst he has ever seen said dr Patton stated and her kidneys was shutting down, she was sevierly dehydrated. The next day jefferson hospital did more x-rays and blood work and stated that her kidneys and x-rays looked a little better. But it was to far gone mom died on 11-31-12 at 9:40 p.m.. I feel that hospice was having me to kill my mother slowly by having me give her liquid morphene and not calling the dr. to get her fluids and an x-ray to see what was the sudden ,

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    From your facts, I cannot determine if you have a case.
    Also, Hospice has some immunity (limited) in some states.
    Best you have a sit down consult with a local lawyer.
    You can use the AVVO find a lawyer tab.

  2. I am sorry your mother passed away. If she was in hospice, that means a doctor had already determined she did not have long to live. The fact that she had already been in the hospital many times with aspiration pneumonia, and her organs were shutting down at the end seems to confirm that everything that could be done for her, had already been done. I would be very surprised if you could find a lawyer to undertake a wrongful death case in these circumstances, and even more surprised if such a case would succeed.

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  3. I agree with Mr. Brophy's analysis. I would just add that the statute of limitations in TN is just 1 year. If you are interested in having a TN lawyer assess the case for you, do not delay.

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