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Honestly how often do first dui charges get reduced to reckless?

Atlanta, GA |

I no every case is different but in general is it really rare to get charges reduced?

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I typically see it happening where the dui case is a little weak but not so weak that the defendant can be confident of a win. Both sides have a risk so they split the baby.

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As an Atlanta DUI attorney, I can tell you that without an attorney, chances are slim to none that a DUI gets dropped and you are allowed to plea to a lesser charge. The prosecutors have absolutely no motivation to allow it- it is their case they are trying to win.

Depending on the facts, surrounding circumstances, and where your specific case is being tried (what court), a DUI dismissal is definitely plausible with the right case preparation. If you would like a no-cost review of your situation, feel free to contact my office- I will be happy to give it to your straight. You can contact me through my avvo site, or at 404 642 6333. There are also some things you can start doing to better your defense- my profile should have my "3 Proactive Steps" guide. Get started; it will only help your situation.

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It's not rare at all; there are many ways to fight a DUI charge and many things that an officer must do properly to build a case against you. We actually get reductions quite often, though as you noted, every case is different. I would agree that your chances of reduction are greatly improved with a lawyer; we are happy to discuss your case further at no charge--call 404-881-8866. Best wishes to you!

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It is nearly impossible to have the charges reduced on your own. With a DUI defense attorney (as opposed to a general practice, or even a general criminal defense attorney), your chances increase.

I am an attorney. I am not your attorney unless you have signed a written contract with me and given me money. This is information for educational purposes only, and no attorney-client privilege exists.

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