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Hmmmm...? Bank of Amer. was the Executor of my Uncles estate. But then after a Will contest they dropped the case & the public a

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...the public administrator was appointed Special Administrator from there on out(months later~)... Who was responsible for the heirs & the beneficiaries notice of Probate in the beginning then? B.O.A. ? Thnx~

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Sounds familiar. Whoever was acting as PR would have been responsible for acting as PR. Of course, they can only act based on information that is available to them.

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Who ever was acting as PR when the notice was filed or should have been filed.
As long as it all works out correctly in the end-not much to make a fuss over.

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The P.R. should have either given the notice or the court would have issued it based upon the info supplied by the P.R. Your question begs the question, Was somebody not given notice? If there was such a person then maybe they need to retain counsel to look into the matter.

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