Hit another car during traffic jam. Adjuster ruled both parties at fault

Was driving straight on a (45m/h) 5 lane rd. My lane was clear. 3 center lanes were backed up with traffic. Driver 1 (driving opposite on farthers line) was getting ready to turn. I was going straight. A driver (from a middle lane) gave a car right of way into my lane to go into hardees lot. I hit on breaks when I saw mustang approaching my lane. Next thing I hit the mustang. Called my liability insurance. I called his inssurance and his adjuster put both drivers at fault leaving me with a car that berely drives. How can I appeal and what do I need to prove that it was not my fault?... Got the trafic report and he got a ticket and document states that a driver gave him right of way.

Wilmington, NC -

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Timothy Shawn Howard

Timothy Shawn Howard

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Raleigh, NC

You should contact a local personal injury attorney. Even if there were no injuries, these types of attorneys commonly handle claims with insurance companies and may be able to assist. Most offer free consultations. It sounds like you may have to file suit.

T. Shawn Howard

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Dustin R. T. Sullivan

Dustin R. T. Sullivan

Criminal Defense Attorney - Bolivia, NC

Also, if you were cited and have a criminal ticket, contact an attorney to get the charge dismissed. It can help with what Mr. Howard had indicated above. If this is the case, let us know. We handle many Wilmington tickets. Good luck!

Call Trial Attorney Dustin RT Sullivan at (910) 508-2200 or visit us at www.sullivansnowlaw.com to find out more.
Kevin Coluccio

Kevin Coluccio

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Seattle, WA

Follow Mr. Howard's advice.

Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Best bet is to call Howard above for help. Good luck.

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