Hit a truck illegally parked in a home depot parking lot. Is there any liability on the party parked illegally?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Vacaville, CA

A truck parked in a no parking spot ignoring the no parking sign age . As I backed out realized I was net going to make it but was unable to stop before making contact , which was minor . My bumper was pushed bent and dented his door panel . Very minor damage and can be popped out from the inside . My insurance is paying claiming I'm at fault . There's no vehicle code that says I'm at fault . Does this other driver , who knowingly parked illegally , bear any responsibility for the collision by parking illegally ? Or can people park however they want and damn the consequences ?

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Has anyone sued in a situation such as this claiming the illegally parked vehicle was a contributor to the accident and won? Could Home Depot, where the accident occurred be held liable for not enforcing their no parking policy?

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    Answered . That car was not moving and you hit it. If it were a rock or a sign or a child would you be at fault?
    Since the damage is small, count your blessings and move on.

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    Answered . The "last clear chance" doctrine frequently applies to a person not originally the cause of an accident, but that could have avoided it.

    A parked vehicle generally has no chance to avoid an accident . . .

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    Answered . You hit a parked vehicle. Its hard to argue that you are not liable. On the other hand, you have an argument that the truck was also "at fault" or "negligent" or "liable," however; it would be a far reach to claim that the parked vehicle was more at fault than you.

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    Answered . Unfortunately, you probably still have some liability, but if you have auto insurance, which is required by law in California, let your insurance company deal with it, although you will be responsible for any deductable? If the damage to the truck is not too great, try making a deal with the other driver, 50/50 as he was parked illegally and but for that, the accident would not have occurred. That way you can avoid any increased premium or the risk your carrier will drop you for having a claim?

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    Answered . The consequence would be a parking ticket. Other potential consequences depend upon the facts. So if the truck parked illegally and as a result a person exiting the store wouldnt be seen by a driver coming across the pkg lot, and the person gets hit, the truck could be sued as part of the cause. If you were backing up, and suddenly the trusk pulled in behind you in a spot it shouldnt be parking in, the truck could be at fault.

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    Answered . Unfortunately your last sentence most likely sums it up

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    Answered . Being that you struck a parked car you're at fault.

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    Answered . I am sorry but unfortunately, it seems like the consensus of opinion is that you are in the wrong. Additionally, your insurance carrier is saying the same thing.

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    Answered . Unlikely, but simply let your insurance company to resolve.

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    Answered . Unfortunately you hit the car so technically you are at fault.

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    Answered . Based on your posting, it appears you are completely at fault. You are not supposed to hit fixed objects, regardless of their location. Let your insurance company resolve this matter for you.

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