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His girlfriend moved in now they went on a trip where they be sleeping in same hotel room together with my daughter who is Six.

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Courtorder says no overnight guest.i put something in court about a month ago,but isn't there anything else I can do or do I have to wait.

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Follow up with the court to ensure you have a hearing date. You should contact an attorney to help present your case to the court to ensure your rights will be protected and the best possible case can be presented. I am not sure what you filed with the court; speaking with an attorney about more details in your case may uncover other options for you as well.

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Overnight guests of the opposite sex would include hotel rooms on vacation. Contact a local child custody attorney to help you file a show cause motion.

Good luck.

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Deborah Ann Johnson Wilson

Deborah Ann Johnson Wilson


Please do not delay taking action. Sooner is better than later!!!!


Avvo offers general information and NOT legal advice. You need to contact an experienced family lawyer in your area to discuss your options. If your ex is violating provision of the Court Order, you can file a Rule and he will have to defend a possible contempt finding by the court. If you are saying the order you signed is not in the court file that is a different issue. Unfortunately, there is no way to address your concern in this forum. You need to meet with a family lawyer, and share all pertinent facts and details in yoru case. It may be a good idea for you to go to the clerk's office and obtain a complete copy of the file, incluidng all pleadings and ordes for discussion with your counsel. Time is of the essence. Therefore, it is best to act sooner than later. Best of luck~

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