Hired a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor, Breach of Contract & Amendment, Residual Water Damage & do not know what to do?

His contract not complete as to what I wanted, not correct as to 2 roofs above 2 bow windows wanted. His cont. says recapping above the 2 roofs. Didn't sign the cont. I wrote amendment. He signed both on same day. I put in amend don't like flashing want to 2 roofs. He wrote on the amend on edge of paper the word extra without prices, saying he doesn't know now. The rest had no prices therefore what stands is cont. price for rest. He had obligation to state additional charges. Amend. says LICENSED Electrician, Plumber and Subs. He refused did electrical over 3 times no permit still not in code,Non plumber doing plumbing, damage only did inferior recapping caused residual water damage. charged 4 items there was no charges for. Didn't finish job. Came with subs 4 payment before finished.

Staten Island, NY -

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Jayson Lutzky

Jayson Lutzky

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Bronx, NY

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