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HIPAA patient violation by Federal Employee

Philadelphia, PA |

I had an apppointment at a Veterans Administration Hospital. I was issued medication. I picked it up, and the pharmacy clerk knew my condition ... he had reviewed my medical record, which I didn't pick up at the time, but realized later. After work, he showed up at my house to 'offer me a prayer' for my condition. My boyfriend, who works there, complained to the administration, the HR department 'investigated' and did not fire him, however he no longer works there. I assume he quit. I never heard back from them.

Should I hire a lawyer and sue them for their lack of follow through on this case? I want to complain somehow, this was completely innapropriate. I didn't receive and apology or reassurance that whis will not happen gain! At this point, I wonder if he's going to show up at my door! He can go on to another hospital and do this to someone else!

Thank you for your time.

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If the alleged HIPPA violator is now gone from the employ of the Veterans Administration Hospital, I doubt that your proposed suit would get very far in federal court.

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