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Hi my name is Wendy and i just had a car accident in the freeway August 20, 2013.they charged me with code 21658.

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Hi my name is Wendy Gomez and i just had an accident August 20, 2013. The officer in charge of my case charged me as a code section 21658 an unsafe lane change. i was driving in the freeway 15 south of 9th ave and the traffic was starting to slow down so i did i hit the brakes just as i saw the car in front of me did so . The traffic was still slowly moving but i had to get out on the next exit so i decided to move to my right. I was on the 4th lane and moved to the 5th lane to where the next exit was to be approached their was a couple of miles left towards the next exit but i saw that it was safe to move to the right lane, so i did .I pit my signaled lights and checked my mirrors and safely and slowly changed lanes i did see a car approaching in the lane where i was switching to but it

was way far back so i had time to switch lanes. so i switched and continued my driving slowly and all of a sudden a car hit me i got scared and could not react so my car swirled around on the freeway pushing me towards the 4th lane and i hit one care beside me and ended up on the car in front of the car that i hit so total 2 cars will i swirled around trying to control my car. the car behind me that hit me was coming to fast!!! how could he have had no time to stop if i put my signaled light when i changed lanes and he was way far i saw a safe big gap so i changed lanes i did everything correctly and they are blaming me its ridicules so the front of his car hit me in the front tire causing me to collide towards the other cars.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your auto accident, but I am not sure what your question was as you did not give us a question to answer for you. Looks like the police did charge you with a 21658 and you were involved in an accident with several cars. You should immediately contact your insurance carrier and let them handle this matter for you. Best of luck.

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  2. Retain a local traffic court lawyer to fight the citation then.

  3. Do not make any public statements other than to your insurance company and or your lawyer.

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