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Hi I made a mistake of signing another person's name. I typed a resignation letter and signed my ex-bosses name on the letter.

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I did this so I could get my furniture bill down for a couple of months until I can get caught up. When I moved to Texas I was promised to make a certain amount of money from my boss but was never paid that amount. As a matter of fact my boss wrote two checks statements of $1250 a total of $2500 the amount I was promised to get paid, he wrote these so I could get the furniture and I was never paid for them. As a matter of fact at the end of the year I will have to pay taxes on these because he reported them to IRS but I never got paid. So because of his broken promise I got a furniture bill I cant pay. Now he want to sue me for using his signature on a termination letter. A detective called me but I did not admit to anything and did not sign an affidavit. Will I do jail time for this?

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Not quite a mistake as much as an intentional act and a very bad idea. I suggest you hire an attorney to defend any potential civil claims and/or criminal charges brought against you.


Your act will not be deemed a "mistake". It would be wise for you to hire a lawyer who is familiar with criminal and employment law. As far as your question of jail time, it will all depend upon the facts. With that being said you should call an attorney and get the ball rolling on this matter.

My responses provided on this site are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Furthermore,I encourage to personally visit with myself or another attorney in order to gain more clarification.

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