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Hi i don't want to sue small because they isn't enough money to cover all

Stockton, CA |

the pain stuffering and us being hit by our neighbors and all the racist slurs they have told us and any time we told the management company they didn't evicted them at all even though the lease says if you are violatne towards another you will be evicted but they haven't no been evicted at all. we are being evicted for video taping thing that have happened to us . we have had to take ever hit are neighbors did to us and ever threat to .and ever racist slurs they have said we have had to take it . we haven't hurt any one of my neighbors at all. yet we are being evicted and we will be homeless over video taping . this is america and american born citzen i have rights and i will them . we moved out of 3 slur landlords complex and that how we moved here. i have no where to move time.

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    If I understand this correctly, you lived in a complex in Stockton where you were assaulted by your neighbors because of your race. Your comment suggests indicia of a potential hate crime that ended with you being evicted. You should contact the police immediately and speak to an attorney. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. I'm not sure I quite follow the question, but if you were assaulted by a neighbor, you should call the police. If you sustained an injury, you could pursue a claim. If you feel that it is small, you could sue in small claims. Good luck.

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  3. Extremely difficult to understand your facts. Please contact an attorney to discuss this matter verbally. Good luck.

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