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Hi. There is an anonymous person harassing me, by phone, text, and now email.

Indianapolis, IN |

this anonymous person hacked into my boyfriend email copied all our personal pictures and video then sent me an email as if he was him, calling me names. then, "he" this anonymous person, forwared them all to my boyfriend separated and ex-wife to be. now she is threatning to post all those pictures and videos online. This anonimous person has been diffcult to trace. I am not sure what I should do, I feel very helpless and affraid of having my boyfriend's and my reputation ruined. any suggestions are welcome. Please help.

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  1. Internet harassment is a common problem, and the law has not caught up with the technology in many states. From a legal standpoint, your option is to file a "Doe" lawsuit against an anonymous defendant, and start issuing subpoenas to various internet service providers and email providers, in an effort to track down and identify the proper defendant. There are companies that focus on tracking down internet users by IP address, so you may need to engage the services of an online investigator like that. If any of the statements posted about you are factually untrue, and/or if you own the copyright to the images in question, you may be able to base your lawsuit on defamation or copyright infringement. A lawyer can help you evaluate your options and decide on a course of action.

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  2. This action is criminal. Filing a police report may help if the person can be found. Otherwise, change all passwords and hope that the information that you stored isn't damaging. You may be able to get a subpoena for the identity of the person based on the criminal nature. See a local attorney immediately. If the information is not damaging, then you may want to ignore it.

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  3. The break in and claiming to be your boyfriend are both crimes, serious crimes. Start with a police report, as recommended, and see if the police are able to identify the stalker. Actual hacking is pretty difficult. Think through where the old password may have been left. Run a virus scan on your computer(s) to look for malware.

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