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Hi, please tell me if it is ok that I am recieving child support & alimony while my spouse is living in the same house with me

Stafford, VA |

We are seperated but once I lifted the PO he came back & living in the spare bedroom, but harrasing me about the payments he is making. Also he doesnt pay for anything even a penny more, water, electeric, children ( including any gifts for any occassion), Utilities, extra, even I pay for his clothing, shoes..... from the amount he is paying... he says I am a criminal for collecting that but court associate told me that I don't need to report it. I have though to the child support agency over 2 months ago & haven't heard anything back. Thank you & God bless.

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Technically, he shouldn't be paying support/alimony if he is living with you; however, it is his duty to file the appropriate paperwork to have the support modified. If DCSE finds out, they will take steps to have the support ended since you're not entitled to it. You won't get in trouble per se, but you won't continue to receive child support once it's found out and a new order is entered.

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