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Hi, my tenant is a practicing attorney. Can I report her to her firm as she had not pay rent for 2.5 months and Bar ass.

Emporia, KS |

The rental property is in Chicago.. I had this tenant for 3 years. She is renting with 30 days termination provision right now

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  1. Of course, more facts would be needed to thoroughly answer this question. So this is intended as general information and not legal advice. I might start by asking why you would want to report her to her employer or to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (if she is an attorney in Illinois) or of some other state(s) if she is licensed there rather than begin eviction proceedings. I would speak to an attorney before reporting her to her employer for sure (as you do not want to her to sue for something like tortious interference with her employment). As for reporting to a disciplinary commission (like the ARDC), it does not sound like your disagreement concerns her services as an attorney so that seems an odd place to go as well in this instance. I suggest you ignore the fact that she is a lawyer and treat her like any other tenant. If she does not pay as required under the lease, then you should be able to evict her pursuant to the lease and the law and if you need assistance, a good landlord-tenant attorney should be able to help! Good luck!

    The above is offered and intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. You should consult directly with an attorney in the jurisdiction in which you reside for individual advice regarding your individual situation. Nothing contained herein is intended to be nor should it be construed as advertising attorney services.

  2. While you can report the attorney to her firm or the disciplinary board - what does that get you?
    If want to evict her, then file a landlord tenant action.

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