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Hi, is it possible to change guilty plea to disorderly conduct for patronizing a prostitute class b misdemeanor

Bentonville, AR |

i plea guilty for patronizing a prostitute and recently heard that it will affect my immigration. can i change it to disorderly conduct now ?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I can't speak specifically to AR law, but your answer depends on facts. Were you represented by an attorney? How long ago did you plead? Were you advised of the effect of a guilty plea on your immigration status? All the answers to those questions will help a qualified, local attorney assist you.
    Good luck.

    Please let me know if my answer was helpful. Thank you.

  2. I don't think you can change it now. It's been over five months since you plead guilty. I'm assuming the judge then entered a sentence. You only have thirty days, typically, to appeal a sentence from district court to circuit court. I can't think of what the exception would be, if any.

    You can have this expunged from your record after five years, but I am not sure that helps your situation.

    You need to call an immigration lawyer here in Arkansas. I do not do immigration law, but I know there are several reputable firms in both Little Rock and Fayetteville. Maybe they could file a motion to withdraw plea. I have not done this, but I am sure if anyone has, it would be an immigration lawyer. So many times people will plea to things that effect their status without really knowing the consequences.

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