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Hi..I would like to know what is PTI ?

Tampa, FL |

Someone I know has been arrested and charged for Grand theft 3rd degree and forgery fraud. He paid a bond of $ 2000 and went to court and now in the case history it shows CASE CLOSED BY PTI. What does PTI mean? What PTI stands for?

Thank you

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  1. PTI stands for pre-trial intervention. Usually means that defendant is doing a diversion program wherein he will get charges dropped once he completes his requirements such as counseling or community service.

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  2. I agree with Attorney Umansky. PTI, or pre-trial investigation, is a program that allows an accused to get the case dropped by completing certain conditions first. A case is usually abated while the program is completed. In order to qualify, usually the "victim" must agree.

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  3. PTI is pre-trial Intervension. Just as the other attorneys have said, pre-trial intervention is a diversion program.

  4. PTI is pre-trial intervention program. Different counties have different names for it but it usually means the same thing. Pre-trial intervention (PTI) is a contract that the defendant enters into with the State attorney office in which if the defendant completes all the terms and conditions of the contract, the case will either get nolle prossed if charges were formally filed or declined to prosecute if he entered the program before charges were formally filed.

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  5. Participating in the Pretrial Intervention (PTI) program is a way for first time offenders to get the charges dismissed. Please read my blog for more information on the PTI and MIP program in Florida:

  6. PTI, or Pre-Trial Intervention, is more like a non-court probation, usually with similar conditions. Routinely, PTI is offered in minor matters and for people with no record. The long term benefits are well worth the short term suffering and usually saves the legal expenses of counsel. Remember to seek an expunction after it is all said and done.

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