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HI. I am a chef and I broke my tailbone while at work. I am now paying for the permanent injury out of pocket. Help!

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I slipped and fell in a lobby used by employees and patrons. I was wearing non slip shoes and there was no wet floor sign, which is indicated in my accident report. I was not allowed to seek medical treatment at the time of accident and my job was threatened if I was to leave. After my shift my supervisor told me if I was going to go the doctor I should do so within the next 24 hours so I could take a drug test, which I did and passed. The doctor told me there was nothing he could do for a broken tailbone. After that my legs and back never stopped hurting. I went back to the doctor and he said you broke your tailbone thats just how it is. I went back one more time with the same complaints but the same thing happened. I told my boss that I would like to see another doc but he said that

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Your statement of facts cuts off before you get to your question, but please note that you have an absolute right to one change of physicians during the course of treatment for your work injury. If your employer refuses to allow you to take advantage of that right, you should hire an attorney immediately. If you need the name of an experienced W/C attorney in Jacksonville, please let me know.

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Please talk to an attorney before requesting a new doctor. This is the only ace up your sleeve you have anymore with Fl work comp. There are specific rules about when it is requested and they have five days to reply. If they do not you get to choose our doc.

You may also have a third party claim against the owner of the lobby if it is different then your employer. Make sure you discuss election of remedies with your attorney if the site of the slip and fall is your employer. Given the facts you may have a civil suit, but this is a near impossible burden if site is the employer(virtually certain to cause injury or death).

Discuss retaliation with your attorney to rule it out.

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Feel free to give us a call. We agree with the prior suggestions and may can offer assistance here.

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