Hi I would appreciate the help of a lawyer to represent me by formulating a letter against my Property Manager's company.

I own a 2008 built a private property that is tenanted for one year lease. Property location Phoenix , AZ The tenant claims that paranormal activities occur in the house and he wants to break the lease. Under those circumstances, I want him out also but I am worry about further disclosure Legal answers Licensed in AZ Anne Brady Phoenix Litigation "No, you are not required by Arizona law to report to prospective tenants that a former tenant claimed that paranormal activity occurred within your home." Second legal position "There is obviously no legal requirement that they disclose and if they reveal the alleged incident then you will have to pursue a "slander on property" case against them."

Phoenix, AZ -

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Evan D. Bolick

Evan D. Bolick

Real Estate Attorney - Scottsdale, AZ

Our firm has handled many tenant-landlord disputes and we can even help you try to reach a negotiated out-of-court settlement as well, a solution that seems like it may be advantageous in this case. Generally, "paranormal activity" is not something that must be disclosed in the future.

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