Hi, I wonder what happens when you are served for divorce by a paralegal and do not take any action?

I have received in person a folder with summons for divorce from my spouse. At this point I do not want to do anything with it at leave it as it is. We don't have any children and asset. What is the worst case scenario might happen if I don't sign any papers and don't take any actions.

Brooklyn, NY -

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Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Brown

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY

If you do not take any action, you will eventually have a divorce by default, which may include, among other things, an order for you to pay support to your spouse. Thus, I suggest you take a moment to consult with a local attorney to review all your rights, options and obligations in this situation. Good luck!

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Maurice N Ross

Maurice N Ross

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - New York, NY

It is a very bad idea to ignore this. If you ignore this and fail to retain counsel, a default judgment will be entered against you for everything that your spouse requested---including alimony and assets. Once judgment is issued against you, your wife and her attorneys can take steps to collect it, including garnishing you wages, taking over your bank account etc. In short, ignoring this would be a major mistake. You need to retain family law counsel to represent you in this matter.

David Alexander Browde

David Alexander Browde

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Chappaqua, NY

Your spouse will win a default judgment.

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