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Her father is not around and i need a passport.

Bronx, NY |

we are traveling this summer my 15yr old needs a passport her father is not part of her life he does not financially, morally nor physically support her in any way shape or form. i applied for her passport stating that he is not around now the agency wants more information what else can i tell them that can get me the passport. i have always done everything for her on my own with my families help. he sporadically communicates with her via text never a call or visit and he got the phone number from his siblings who also sporadically communicate with us. why is he important in this decision when for everything else i am never asked about him or his signature. i need to get this issue resolved ASAP due to us traveling in July. any advice given is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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  1. if you have a court order giving you custody, that should do it

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  2. Unless you have an order terminating his parental rights, they cannot issue a passport without his consent. The passport office will not make that determination, but rather the family court in your jurisdiction will decide that.

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  3. If the passport agency won't grant her a passport based on what you have already then you shodul contact a family law attorney to get you a Court order.

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