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Help with IDOC parole, House Arrest

Metamora, IL |
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I am on parole in Illinois, and they have had me on house arrest for ten months. I am on for a undetermined amount of time that stems back to a Misdemeanor Domestic Battery in my background. I have been working seven of those ten months, did all requirements (drug, anger management, psychological) and was told I did not meet the criteria by three different professionals. I asked my parole agent to be removed and she said she had no power, I think she is lying. I want to know is there a legal grievance I can do. I feel this is starting to give me a mental breakdown. I also feel discriminated against because my agent is a woman. and is out to get me cause a have a domestic background..

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Hello. I can understand your frustration in regards to this situation. In my opinion, it would be best to get an independent evaluation by professionals in the categories that you mentioned. I presume that your evaluations, up until now, have been done by professionals associated with the Cook County Court system. Getting an evaluation from independent professionals, in my opinion, will be your best strategy. Otherwise, your situation could continue for quite some time and as a result you will be emotionally drained. Once you are independently evaluated, your attorney can request a hearing and then you can solicit the testimony of your health professional against those from the county. Of course there is a lot of work in putting this together. The court will have to be made aware of your intent to seek independent evaluations. I suggests you get started on this approach immediately.

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