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Help Texas form 202 for filing a non-profit corporation

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I have simple questions like:

Entity name - do we include the ", Inc." in our entity name or do businesses use that as their legal name when the become incorporated after filing? So is our entity name when we are filing; ABC or ABC, Inc.?

Management - we are a gun club at a university and will have different officers every year. Should we use the managed by members option or do we do a board of directors and change them every year? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?


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You need to review the instructions and the form very closely. Regarding the entity name, you must include the appropriate designation, whether it is Inc., Co., or something else.

If you are making an election of managment by membership, it sounds as if you are looking at a limited liability company rather than a corporation. You really need to consult with someone who can explain the fundamental differences between the entity types before you get into questions about member managed versus directors.

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Texas law does not require a corporate designator is not required in Texas but can be used. If you use it then it is your name.

Generally speaking - Members elect the board so you need to have two meetings - one for members and one for the board.

If you just have a board then it chooses the board elects the new board - I find this structure preferable.

No way of avoiding having a board either way.

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