Help regarding laws for Michigan child support when non custodial parent has more than one child support case.

My child’s father has lost part of his wages and has been granted by the FOC a decrease in my child support amount, however he has not asked for a decrease in his other child’s support payment, which means, my child, based on the way the funds will be allocated, will now only get 10% of funds collected, can I fight this in court? Can I get the court to order him to review the other case, so that support can also be adjusted to his new pay?

Southfield, MI -

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Brian J. Catanese

Brian J. Catanese

Family Law Attorney - Detroit, MI

The new Child Support Guidelines taking effect in October of 2008, no longer take into account the amount of other support orders, and only take into account the number of additional dependants a party is responsible for.

You can show cause him for failing to pay the ordered amount of support, however, the Court will not unilaterally order a review of his other case.

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