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Help Quashing a warrent from cook county ??

Chicago, IL |

My wife was arrested for being in a get a getaway car ... She was unaware of what was going on till it was too late. She was two weeks in Chicago jail she came out traumatized... (She is very innocent). I had my friend post bail while i was working out of the country. The pubic attorney continuously lied to us, so she missed the court date a warrant with no bond was issued. So I hired a high end attorney. The judge is very tough and is known for making his rulings hastily. We have been waiting for over two years. It’s been a nightmare. I was fed up so I called clerk of courts and they told me nothing had been filled… I don’t know what to do????? This is the second time we have been taken advantage.

I just found out that the Judge's wife died of cancer recently.. No wonder he was so tough on everyone... on ... He had bad grades/review during our proceedings I really want to get us another judge that is in a healthyer state of mind… can this be done????

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You will want to discuss your situation with a Criminal Defense attorney. From my understanding of your post, your wife missed her court date and now has a bench warrant for her arrest??

Depending on the charge(s) and where your wife's case is procedurally in the courts, there may be a number of legal remedies available to her.

Make an appt. for some consultations with some local attorneys in your area.

I would be happy to discuss the details of your wife's case with you in my office.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.

312-532-8554 OR

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I practice regularly in Cook County and assist in matters such as these. You need to have an attorney file a motion to quash arrest and recall the warrant, have him make a competent argument to the court explaining both the reason for the missed court date and the prior attempt to resolve the matter through private counsel. Your attorney should also be prepared to argue against the court setting an additional bond; the same arguments in favor of setting an initial bond in a criminal case apply here.

There is never a guarantee that a Judge will simply quash the warrant, but its the better route, as opposed to turning yourself in, being processed at a police station, brought to court, etc. I always believe that going in voluntarily, and in your case doing so with proof of the above issues, i.e., payment to prior counsel, etc., gives the court a better impression than being arrested on the warrant or simply turning yourself in.

That said, you should do this as soon as possible.

Best of luck to you; I hope that matters are resolved in your favor.

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