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Help me understanding what just happened in the court room, today! Why would you not change custody but give primary residence?

Chandler, AZ |

I had a Resolution Management Conference, my ex-husband has had supervised visits for the past 2 1/2 years, 1st year with CPS and the other last two family court ordered, however he missed an entire year of visits, starting again in January 2012, for 1 hr a week. My 14 year old tried to commit suicide earlier this year, my ex husband and his attorney claim that my daughter shouldn't be allowed to care for my son for a few hours after school til I get home. Today, the Judge ordered my exhusbands address become the primary residence of our son. My son has not lived in the same house with him for 2 years even been to his house and now starting next week he is to live there. She didn't change custody, as I was awarded Temp. Sole Legal. Can someone explain what just happened?

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  1. Unfortunately, based on the information provided, there is no way to give an answer. You should probably meet with an experienced family law attorney for a free consultation to figure out what happened and what to do next.

    Information provided on this site does not constitute legal advice. Answers posted here are based on a very limited amount of information and are given without a conventional consultation. Information posted here should be valued accordingly. We offer free initial consultations that require completion of a questionnaire detailing your situation and a personal one-on-one attorney interview to provide qualified legal advice. The answers posted here might be completely different with more information.

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