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In 2003 I plead Guilty under advise if court counsel to a Class A Misdomeanor, Assault family member, my girlfriend accussed me of pushing her and complained of chest pains to the officer, I was arrested, put into county, what a nightmare that was, anyway I didn't push her, my attorney told me all sorts of stuff to get me to plead guilty, I can take a ploygraph to prove that I didn't push her, my attorney told me that the jury won't believe my side of the story, couldn't get a phone call out, and if I didn't want to wait six weeks for a trail, to plead guilty. This was in court 5. There are other facts here that I want to put in front of a judge, can U help?

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What is it exactly that you are wanting to do? You plead guilty 8 years ago? I assume that you have finished your probation.

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If you were convicted of this offense there is very little that you can do with this situation.

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Your attorney gave you good advice and you took the deal. Now you want a do-over. Doesnt work that way friend. Quit bad mouthing and second guessing your attorney and move on.

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Good advise, plea guilty to something I didn't do? Good Advise?? I'll remember your name!

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