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I got a social security number but it's just for work and i want to apply for any school ..

is that make sense ?

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Your social security number, if valid, is valid for both work and school. If it's not valid, it's not valid for work nor school. In any case, a social security number is not an employment authorization document.

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It's not viled sir,,only written it to work i had it almost two weeks


The same social security number can be used to apply for school. The social security number does not grant you any authorization to work or go to school. You would have such authorization, or not have authorization, based upon your particular immigration status or a valid employment authorization card issued to you by USCIS.

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Thank you sir ,, i have a job now but the people tell me that i can't start any school thats way i post my Q to know more infermation,,, Thank you again


As correctly stated by previous attorneys, any Social Security number issued to one is valid for both work and employment purposes. It may have the language "not valid for employment without an Employment Authorization Document" yet it does not preclude you, if that is the case, from applying to school or taking studying courses.

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I agree with the other posts that you should not have a different SSN for different purposes, but that your one SSN should be effective for all actions you intend to use it for. That being said, I would defer to the immigration attorneys and others here whose focus is beyond the scope of Social Security to provide more guidance in response to your question. In addition, I would also recommend that you consider posting your question in additional sections on AVVO for lawyers who focus on employment law and other related areas of practice can also answer your question, and would also recommend that both the title of your question and facts supporting your question include more information to ensure that more specific answers can be provided.

Thank you for seeking assistance through AVVO. Your desire to further your education is commendable, and I wish you the best.

Timothy M. Klob
Klob Law Firm

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