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HELP! Where can I find an family law attorney that will help me either pro-bono or without having to put down a large retainer?!

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CPS has ordered me to seek legal help in getting a protective order and filing a motion for modification of custody. I have CPS heavily involved, police reports, and two children who are in therapy as a result of neglect and emotional distress caused by the other party. (There is a very serious offense against one of the children by the other party currently in the investigation process.) I need to find someone who isn't looking for a thousand or two down, who can take payments, or who would be willing to take my case pro-bono. We are a desperate family seeking justice, and a person who is willing to help us get that for the sake of my two younger children.

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Legal Aid of North Texas provides free legal assistance in family and civil cases for those who qualify financially. Their funding is quite limited, so they have other criteria but it sounds like the facts of your case would be a fit if you qualify financially. If you don't qualify, contact the Tarrant County Bar Association referral service.


Contact the court and ask the court to appoint you a lawyer. Whenever there is a possibility of termination, the court has the authority to appoint counsel. If you are not named as a party in their suit, tell them they need to, so that you would qualify for a court appointed attorney.

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I'm going to be filing a suit to modify orders. My 7 year old son alleged that his father has sexually assaulted him, to CPS, and I am unable to afford $1500-2k to hire an attorney. I signed a safety plan with CPS stating that I would seek legal counsel to modify orders. My son alleged that this has been going on for about 3 years. He made these directly to CPS, I didn't have a clue. My son has also been to 2 mental hospitals previously for suicide threats, and intensive outpatient. How would I even begin to get a court appointed attorney in this matter?

Maria Tsao Tu

Maria Tsao Tu


Go to the court and ask the judge whether you can apply for a court appointed lawyer. The court will probably have you fill out a financial disclosure. I'm surprised that the court didn't tell you, unless you were not named in the CPS petition. In any event, the only thing the court can tell you is "no".


Legal Aid of Northwest Texas should be able to assist you. The court may also be able to appoint a lawyer to represent you depending on your relationship to the children.

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.


If you need a protective order to escape a dangerous situation, you should contact the district our county attorneys office in your area. They are responsible for assisting victim's seeking protective orders and there is no charge for this service. If you are able to get a protective order through your district or county attorney's office, your divorce will be safer and probably less complicated.

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