Help! I want to interpret a municipal court disposition letter in order to know if a trial was ever heard for that complaint.

Asked about 1 year ago - Maplewood, NJ

I'm trying to request a transcript and/or audio of a trial or hearing (I don't know which one it is ), which may have been heard in municipal court for a traffic ticket. The court administrator has gone out of his way to roadblock my efforts at obtaining this public record. Without getting into lengthy detail of this staff's unethical conduct, I was ultimately told that no audio exists because it was not heard in a court room and that it may have been a hearing and not a trial (he is the only person that they allow me to speak to regarding this case).

The disposition letter for this case indicates that the defendant plead "Not Guilty," but was found "Guilty." There was also an interested party listed. Does this mean there was a trial? If not, aren't hearings typically recorded as well?

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Also, the municipal court records indicate that bail was posted for this defendant on May 8 (they never showed up for the original court date in February and a warrant was issued).The warrant was recalled on May 8, but findings were entered on May 2. How is this possible? I can't get a straight answer from anyone in the courthouse! The defendant's initial charge was later downgraded from 39:4-129 to 39:4-130. How could they do this without standing in a court room and plea not guilty? The records indicate that there was a presiding judge and a witness (or interested party), even with a plea bargain, how is it even possible that nothing took place in the court room or even through video conferencing while incarcerated?

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  1. Allan E Richardson

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    Answered . Please tell me what your interest is in this. Why do you care what happened to someone else?

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    Answered . ask for a certified copy of the municipal court disposition.

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