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HELP! I need an Attorney between Stratford and Norwalk-Probate.

Fairfield, CT |
Filed under: Summons and complaint

I need an Attorney ....I have a subpoena to appear in Court next week. Nothing 'illegal' was done. Time appears to be of the essense.
Just in case I can't retain an attorney by then, can I request a 'continuance' in order to retain one? What if i don't show up? What if I don't bring the right documents? What if I am there by myself and I don't want to answer a personal question? Oh my, I need an Attorney.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Contact Attorney James Hogan Love in Fairfield.His # is 203.254.2022. His practice is almost entirely dedicate to probate work and he is an excellent attorney. You may tell him I referred you to him. Good Luck!