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Help! false arrest, police sexual assault, brutality

Plant City, FL |

I just got off a boat and went to my car to get my cigerettes, was on my way back to the boat dock and was arrested for DUI. I was searched by male officer that touched me very improperly, I was put in handcuffs never resisted but jerked around so forcefully that it left me with sprug wrist and now my left arm still has problems. Never told miranda, never told why I was arrested. In the jail I was MADE to do breath test 7 times. I was locked in this room and told I was not getting out until I blew. I begged to use the restroom and for an attorney and still was not let out until i blew. I am now convicted of DUI and these officers have got away with what they did to an innocent person. I have tons of proof they perjured themselves on the stand in 3 different hearings, hospital reports,HELP

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You need to talk to a civil attorney that handles lawsuits against government agencies. It is very specialized so you may have to search for a while but keep trying. Also, you say you were convicted, so if you went to trial, you need to appeal immediately. If you pled then you will need to discuss the ramifications of a plea on a civil case. Good luck.

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If you entered a plea of no contest or guilty to the DUI charge without a lawyer, you need to contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately. Under Florida law you may be able to set aside the plea. If you had an attorney, you need to ask them, or another DUI attorney, about your appeal rights. Based on the facts you describe, it is very difficult to understand how you were convicted of a DUI charge.

Once you clear up the criminal case then you should contact an experienced civil attorney about suing the police for there treatment of you..

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