Help! My attorney is not communicating with me. What are my options???

I am in the dark about the status of my husband's and my personal injury cases. The lawyer's office does not keep me informed. When I attempt to get information, my emails are not answered. When I call, I am not allowed to talk to the lawyer without waiting 3 more weeks (I've been calling for one week after waiting for follow-up after more than a month). The paralegals are not helpful, and give misinformation. The lawyer has already collected his fee because we have settled (although we don't have our money), so I wonder if it's too late to switch lawyers? Do I have any rights? I feel so abused and disrespected by the lawyer's office. Please let me know what I could do.

Yelm, WA -

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Ryan Vancil Esq

Ryan Vancil Esq

Business Attorney - Bainbridge Island, WA

A lawyer has an professional ethical obligation to communicate with a client. The timelines you have described seem too long to continue to wait for his response, but you should continue to try to reach your attorney. Keep a record of your efforts to try to reach your attorney via phone/email/certified letter. In the mean time, immediatly contact the Washington State Bar Association ("WSBA") at 206-727-8207 (, and ask what resources they can recomend in this case. You should also consider retaining an attorney to help you recover the settlement. You may have to file a complaint with the Bar association or take additional action.

Dennis Morgan

Dennis Morgan

Copyright Infringement Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

If you have not been paid your part of the settlement, you might consider finding a lawyer who will send a demand letter to your prior lawyer for payment (or else face a lawsuit for that payment). If the case settled, it is too late to litigate that case again with a different lawyer. But you ought to be paid anything you are owed, and it's inappropriate and probably unlawful / malpractice for you not be acknowledged or paid. Good luck.

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