Hello i had a teacher that left 5 finger nail marks on my son that cut the skin! I have a hospital report & police report!

Asked about 1 year ago - Perry, FL

Hello i had a teacher that left 5 finger nail marks on my son that cut the skin! I have a hospital report & police report! The teacher is a drug detective wife! This happen in perry fl! My son came home crying & told me what happen! That the teacher snatch him up by his arm very hard twisted it! She left 5 finger print marks that cut the skin! As soon as he came home off the school bus & told me that i took him to the hospital & call the cops out there! The cops came & seen it and say it was child abuse! The hospital record says Alleged Assault! The cops say they were going to lock the teacher up then they find out who she was then change there story up lost the police report which i still have! & they our covering up the whole thing! I been searching for answer for like a year now

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  1. Michael L Rich

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    Answered . You should consult with a personal injury lawyer in your area to be certain but the likelihood that you will find an attorney to represent your son against the teacher on a contingent fee basis for so minor an injury is very slim. I assume that was part of your question, since you listed Lawsuits as one of the tags.

    It may be that you have a basis to sue. That is the teacher committed a tort (civil wrong) against your son (battery). But a big part about whether it is worth your emotional effort and a lawyer's time to pursue a civil action against someone is whether there is going to be a big enough damages award or settlement.

    It probably happened too long ago for child protective services or the teacher licensing authority to be interested in investigating, but you could report the incident to both.

    If you are interested in having the teacher criminally prosecuted and find that the police have lost interest in that since they found out the offender was the wife of a detective, you could speak to the prosecuting attorney. I believe they are called district attorneys in Florida.

    If you can't find a personal injury lawyer to take your case or you decide not to seek one, make an appointment with the district attorney for Perry to see if you can interest that office in pursuing a criminal action.

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