Hello I Am 17 years old i will be turning 18 in January. (female) i work im independent aways have been and i want to move out

Asked about 2 years ago - Springfield, MA

Hello I Am 17 years old i will be turning 18 in January. (female)I currently work at Baystate Medical Center at the medical supplies department located in Springfield MA, Ive been working there sence i was 15 thru a school program i was the youngest employee who had a good paying job. i live in springfied massachusetts with my grandmother she has legal custody of me sence i was 5. Im involved in multiple scholarship and school programs. Im Also A Senior in high school. Im engaged to my wonderful boyfriend whos 20 years old. We have been together sence i was 15. We have a wonderful relationship and we support each other very well. My boyfriend is looking for a job but he currently receives goverment help and he has his own apartment. I am very smart and i have always made my own decision. I rarely depend on my grandmother for any help. I want to start living on my own with my boyfriend . Were getting married once i turn 18.I mention it to my grandmother everyday for the past year that i want to move out but still she manages to ignore me. I am very independent and i know i can manage to live on my own . I was wondering what i have to do and who i should talk to so i can move out and i can show her that she shouldnt be worried about anything. So far i have sat down and talk to her about the pros and cons. Im a house girl , i dont hang aroung with friends or im not or ever have been involved in gangs or any type of drugs or have ever been. For my age im very well spoken and organized. Shes worried that if i move out i will become pregnant but i actually drink birth control and use protection until im ready enough for a child after im done with school and i have a good and more better carrier going for my self . I need suggestion and any information i will take. Thank you

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  1. Robert J McCarthy Jr

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    Answered . Here is a link to information regarding emancipation of minors in Massachusetts: http://www.masslegalhelp.org/children-and-famil... Most judges will not grant a minor emancipated status. Also, if a judge is not convinced that emancipation is in a minor's best interests and their story sounds like there may be abuse, neglect, or abandonment, the judge may ask the the Department of Children and Families or probation to investigate.

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  2. Barry Franklin Poulson

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    Answered . You can move out with fuss on your 18th birthday. I do not see how your boyfriend can have his own apartment if he is on welfare. Perhaps the government provides one for him? You could start the emancipation process, but would be hard pressed to finish before you turn 18. But, I see no mention that YOU have a job. You would have to be self-supporting, not living off welfare. Maybe it would be best to continue working on your studies. Your boyfriend is old enough to join the Navy. That would get him off welfare. Best of luck to you.

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