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Hello, i was wondering if one, can employers see juvenile records? And two can they see expunged records?

Toledo, OH |

I was recently hired by Aldi and am going through the background check, I am kind of worried. I got in trouble when i was 16 and also when i was 18 for under age consumption but it was expunged and when i was 19 i got a disorderly conduct. What can they see and what cant they see out of those?

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    Juvenile proceedings and records of adjudications, etc. are all confidential under the Ohio Revised Code. Employers do not have the power to peer into confidential records that are contained in the local Juvenile Court.

    Expungements are the best way to keep a prior conviction from making it to the light for everyone except law enforcement. The traditional background checks and private investigators do not have access on their own to locate an expunged conviction. There is a chance, however, that an agency may have obtained a copy of your conviction from an online Court docket at the time you plead or were sentenced. When your conviction is expunged later, the Clerk of Courts seals the online records. But if that other agency, investigator, etc. had a hard copy of your conviction that was obtained BEFORE the expungement took place, you have no way to "undo" that paper conviction. The best you can do is simply deny it and say that this wasn't you, etc.

    I hope this answered your questions. I would not worry about it very much, as it is very, very, VERY unlikely to happen. Good luck at work and beyond!

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  2. You should be fine regarding your juvenile adjudication; as that is not a criminal conviction. As far as your adult criminal expungement; as long as your future career does not involve children, patients, or law enforcement, you should not have to worry. If it does, your future employer will more than likely find out about your prior history if they perform the appropriate criminal background search.

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