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Hello, I am here in an attempt to find a lawyer who has the skill and the will to take on serious police misconduct case.

Sarasota, FL |

I have recently been found not guilty of two very serious felony charges. One of the charges was actually dismissed the day of jury selection after 18 months of fighting this charge and being threatened with "the maximum penalty of twenty years"- State. I rejected multiple plea deals before being sent to some sort of psychological evaluation for something that the judge called "compitence evaluation". I never acted out in court. These charges were for one count of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on LEO and fleeing to elude lights and siren. After the state told use for over a year that no police radio transmission existed, my defense attorney located the tape and prove that every detail was fabricated [6 officers' testimonies/depositions]. (over $30,000 in legal fees)

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  1. You should use AVVO's Find a Lawyer service, or call your local association for a referral.

  2. You may possibly be able to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution (among other causes of action). The facts that you have laid out above suggest fabricated charges (evidence of malice) and that you prevailed in the criminal proceeding. This is a good starting point. That said, any time you pursue a case against the government, you are up against difficult odds. Many such claims are barred by sovereign immunity.

    Please feel free to give my office a call. I can help you or refer you to someone else who can.


    Jonathan Pollard

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