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Hello~ Is there a way to stop a legal order to levy my bank acct without doing a bankruptcy?

Santa Barbara, CA |

A credit card company has a legal order to levy my bank account. The total is approx $9K. I am a sole proprietor of a small business.

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    In the short term, take the money out of the account and spend it on reasonable business or living expenses. In the long term, we don't have enough facts to advise you properly.
    Make an appointment as soon as you can to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. We give advice on non-bankruptcy alternatives as well where they apply and make sense. Good Luck!

  2. Is this a business account? Or a personal account? If the account is a personal account, you may file a Claim of Exemption on the grounds that the money in the account are your earnings and you need the money to pay for necessities of life such as rent, food and utilities? If the account is vested in the name of a separate business entity, personal exemptions do not apply. You may want to meet with a lawyer to review the specifics of your situation.

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