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Hello / i was in a car accident / it was not my fault / I CAN PROVE THAT / my truck was towed / me and my dog went to jail

Providence, RI |

I was charged with a DWI / R W Law Collage helped me out with that I was Pro Sec for me In Not A Lawyer / If it wasn't for there client hitting me i wouldn't be in this now / It cost me a lot of money I should be paid back for that and roared for having a DWI on my record / I took it all the way to Abstractionist / Tried to file a counter claim / but because i didn't fill it out right / in Jan . they dissimilar it with out pressures meaning i should be able to refile / I need To Refile A New Counter Claim They Also Sent The Next Court Date To A Old Address / Which Mail Was Lost Before / Not If I Can Help It / Thank You / / Kevin / /

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  1. I'm having difficulty understanding what happened, but I don't recommend that you publish the details. Feel free to contact me or one of the other Avvo attorneys directly.

    Rhode Island is a very small jurisdiction so it's important that you consider the possibility that people who you know may see your question or that the facts discussed here may be subject to discovery requests if you become involved in litigation. Please remember that it is not possible to give proper legal advice without a thorough consultation and this answer is meant only to provide you with some guidance. Contact an experienced attorney at your earliest convenience to discuss your case thoroughly. The above was provided purely for informational purposes and does not create an attorney-client relationship between the questioner and the attorney.

  2. I am having trouble figuring out the question here,

  3. Sorry but I can't find the question.

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  4. Respectfully, and not meant to insult, but your use of language is incomprehensible. Also, you describe what is presumed to be the event concerning you but there is no actual question. Please clarify.

  5. I would suggest that you contact a local attorney and meet with the attorney to carefully review all the issues. It sounds like a number of things are going on and the need to be carefully sorted out.

  6. Try reposting without all the /////

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  7. Kevin, you should meet with an attorney - or the Public Defender - to go over all the details of your DUI case. The rest of your message is difficult to decipher.

    This observation is provided without warranty nor guarantee and for entertainment and informational purposes only. This answer is not legal advice. Not to be used as infant formula. No attorney client relationship is established as a result of these communications. The best legal advice you can get is to consult with an attorney licensed in your state or territory.

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