Hello, I am a green card holder and recently got a 1st DUI. In New Jersey. If I travel abroad will I have issues entering USA.

Asked over 1 year ago - Woodbridge, NJ

In NJ it is considered as a traffic offense and not a felony/misdemeanor.
I got a Suspended licence for 7 months and no probation. Just fines.

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  1. Matthew R Schutz

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    Answered . Should not be a problem

  2. Eric M. Mark


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    Answered . You should be ok traveling. You will have trouble naturalizing, though you are not ineligible.

  3. Mark M Cheser


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    Answered . Speak to one of the immigration attorneys. A I understand it the DWI is more an issue of good character for citizenship than a criminal conviction. B ut check it out before you go.

  4. Charles K. Kenyon Jr.


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    Answered . If there are no other problems with your immigration file, this should not be a problem. Note, though, that you cannot travel into or through Canada.

    You should talk with an Immigration attorney about naturalization before filing any paperwork on that.

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