Hello, Live in California Pushpin LLC sent demand letter 341.75 for lease of this machine back 2001 bankruptsy filed 2001?

Asked over 1 year ago - Fairfield, CA

Does statute of Limitation come into play here been over 10years? Am I still procted under the FDCPA ?

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  1. Robert Harlan Stempler

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    Answered . If you filed bankruptcy, consult your bankruptcy lawyer, as this debt was probably discharged in bankruptcy, and collection contacts to you after that are likely a violation of the Bankruptcy Discharge order. The statute of limitations may apply if you have not paid in over four years and this was not discharged in your bankruptcy, but the computation can be more challenging if this was a lease. The period may be longer.

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) applies only to consumer debts, not business debts. If this was a business machine, then the FDCPA would not apply. If this was discharged in Bankruptcy, then you will need to file for sanctions in Bankruptcy Court. If you had a lawyer for the bankruptcy, contact that attorney. If not or if the attorney is not interested, then you should contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney for this type of litigation, as you may also be able to recover your attorney's fees.

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  2. Dheeraj Kumar Singhal

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    Answered . First contact the creditor and let them know that you filed bankruptcy. If they don't stop, hire a bankruptcy attorney. If the creditors is violating your discharge, you may get your attorneys fees covered plus damages.

  3. Kevin Samuel Sullivan


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    Answered . talk to your BK lawyer and they can send a letter out to the creditor attorney advising them of bankruptcy and possible violations.

  4. Joshua P Friedman

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    Answered . Pushpin LLC is just an unprofessional bully. Remember the best way to handle bullies - punch them back right in the nose. Talk to a consumer attorney or bankruptcy attorney to get them to stop harassing you.

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    Joshua P. Friedman

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