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Hello . I am a Shia Muslim , from Karachi Pakistan . Can I apply for US asylum for fear of persecution in my country ?

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Shias are being brutally killed all over Pakistan . I too have received telephonic death threats from unknown sources . I have lost friends due to sectarian violence and many have been physically attacked for no reason other than their religion . I fear for my family and future . I am currently on visit to the US , living with my sister who will become a citizen by the end of 2013 . I am newly married and have one child who's two months old . What are my chances of succeeding as an asylum in USA ?

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Under U.S. law, asylum may be granted to aliens who can establish they have well-founded fear of persecution if they were forced to return to country of citizenship or last habitual residence. The persecution must be on account of political opinion, race, religion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group. Your chances of success depend upon several factors including how long you have been in the United States, ability to document your case, etc. You must file your application within a year of your arrival. There are some exceptions to the filing deadline, but it is better to avoid needing an exception.

A knowledgeable immigration attorney who understands how to properly prepare, file, and present an asylum claim can significantly increase an individual’s chances of being granted asylum status by the U.S. Government. I encourage you to speak with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible.

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The chances of succeeding depend in large part on what has happened to you in the past, your preparation of your case, your supporting and corroborating documentation and how you present your case. Asylum law is complex. There can be great facts but poor preparation can sink a case. Please consider retaining counsel to present the case in the light most favorable to you.

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Chances of succeeding depend on the preparation of your case, the documents and your testimony=y at the asylum hearing. Working with an experienced attorney who can help you properly prepare and document your case will maximize your chances. You should be aware of asylum filing deadlines - 1 year from last entry (there are some exceptions).

This is not legal advice and a client attorney relationship is not created. For a free consultation call (718)234-5588.

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