Health Insurance Question - Do I have to consult non-custodial parent on health care plan changes?

I have sole custody of my kids and my decree also says that I have to carry the health insurance for the kids. In 2011 I changed to a high-deductible plan and started a Health Saving Account. The decree indicates that I facilliate all medical care since I am the custody parent but doesn't say anything about what type of health care plan I have to carry or that I have to consult with non-custodial parent on which plan the kids will be covered under. Daughter had an ER visit for chest hurting/trouble breathing (16 year old had cold ended up with pnemonia) and now non-custodial parent doesn't want to pay their portion of $1,700 bill because she didn't agree to high deductible plan and thought it was our fault for not taking her to the doctor sooner Does she have any basis for refusal to pay

Tulsa, OK -

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Mary Elizabeth Milek

Mary Elizabeth Milek

Child Custody Lawyer - Oxford, MS

This is the reality of healthcare cost today. If they don’t like it, let them carry the health insurance.

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